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Welcome to Korčula – THE 2019 GUIDE

Hello and welcome to Korčula! The island of Korčula is often overlooked because of its proximity to much bigger destinations like Dubrovnik & Split, but that’s been changing fast in last few years as Korčula is emerging as the place to go for all those who wish to experience a classic Mediterranean island destination without the loud city crowds and noise.

But being a quiet “brother” to Dubrovnik and Split does not mean Korčula is boring! On the contrary – the island if full of fun outdoor activities, fantastic local wine makers, boutique hotels and seafood restaurants…and the nature itself is something else, there are numerous small beaches and coves, hidden pathways and biking trails and much, much more that we will let you discover on your own.

We suggest checking out our Korčula useful info section where you can find interesting information about the history of this amazing Croatian island, learn how to get to the island and discover the best way of getting around. Also, our compilation of must have information for anyone visiting Croatia should be handy just like the Croatian language phrasebook for travellers.

And to help you have the best possible Korčula experience, be sure to browse through our database that offers tons of great local info:

Eat & Drink – Korčula is the home to great many restaurants that are not tourist traps

Accommodation – something for every budget, find a good hotel or rent an apartment or a villa on the island

Transportation – find the most suitable way of getting around the island

Attractions – Korčula is full of things to do, including many attractions that we present here with pricing and useful location guides & maps

Tours & Excursions – there is a lot to see and experience on the island and off the island