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Easy Croatian For Travellers

In order to help you interact better with the locals we have compiled a list of common phrases in Croatian language that will help you make the best out of your visit to Croatia. And who knows, your charmingly clumsy Croatian may land you a free drink or a special one time discount in local shops…


Good morning/Dobro jutro/doh-broe you-tro
Good afternoon/Dobar dan!/doh-bahr dahn
Good evening/Dobra večer!/doh-bra ve-chair
Good night/Laku noć/lah-koo nohtch
Goodbye/Doviđenja/doh vee-jeh-nyah
Good luck/Sretno/sre-tno
Excuse me/Oprostite/aah-prowe-stee-tay
Thank you/Hvala/hvah-lah
My name is/Zovem se/zoh-vehm seh
What is your name/Kako se zovete/kah-koh seh zoh-veh-teh
Where is/Gdje je/Gdyeh yeh
I don’t speak Croatian/Ne govorim hrvatski/Neh goh-voh-reem hur-vahts-kee