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Useful Info Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Arrival Guide – Airplane, Bus, Ferry

By Airplane

Dubrovnik airport (also known as “Čilipi Airport”) is located about 15 km from the city center. It’s  the second largest in Croatia in terms of passenger numbers and with the longest runway. If you plan to arrive to Dubrovnik by plane be sure to check your favorite online flight information services (we suggest Kayak or SkyScanner) for detailed flight timetables and ticket prices.

During the better part of a year Dubrovnik airport is connected with all major European (via Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, Germanwings, EasyJet, Ryanair…)  airports.

Shuttle bus transfers from the airport to Dubrovnik (Main Bus Terminal or the Old Town station “Pile”) are organised for each regular flight. The trip duration is around 45 minutes, depending on the traffic. The shuttle bus one way ticket costs 40 kuna (5,5 EUR, 6 USD). Tickets can be purchased in the airport arrivals terminal.

You can also rent a taxi at the airport (the average transfer price is around 250 kuna (35 EUR, 38 USD).

Several rent-a-car agencies have offices in the main airport terminal building.

Please visit Dubrovnik airport’s official website or make a phone call +385 (20) 773 100 for additional information about your flight or various airport services.

By Bus

Dubrovnik’s main bus station (located in Gruž) is located just several minutes from the city center (about 3 km from the Old Town).

It has excellent international, local and national bus connections. If you plan to visit any other Croatian city – the chances are – you’ll be able to catch a daily bus directly from the main bus station.

Bus tickets can be purchased directly at the main bus station or online via two available bus ticket platforms: GetByBus and Vollo. During the high season summer months it is suggested to buy the bus tickets at least a few days prior to departure.

Dubrovnik’s main bus station houses a tourist information center, waiting room, luggage storage (the only one in Dubrovnik), public telephones, ATM machine and a kiosk.

Near the main bus station you can catch the local bus number 8 for Gruž/Ploče, number 1 or 6 for the Old Town and number 7 for Lapad/Babin Kuk.

Taxis are also available at the main bus station.

If you need to buy some groceries of supplies – the local supermarket “Konzum” is located right next to the station.

Dubrovnik bus station phone number: +385 (60) 305 070

By Ferry & Boat

Dubrovnik’s main port – Gruž is connected internationally to Bari (Italy) harbour. The line is operated by the national ferry company of Croatia – Jadrolinija.

One – way ticket from Bari to Dubrovnik ranges from 300 kuna (40 EUR, 50 USD)  to 1.200 kuna (160 EUR, 200 USD) per person.

For more information please visit Jadrolinija’s website (the national boat & ferry operator) or visit their local Dubrovnik office located just near the port of Gruž. (Address: Stjepana Radića 40, +385 (20) 41 80 00)

Dubrovnik is also connected to the nearby islands via daily boat lines (Koločep, Lopud, Šipan and Mljet, and seasonal lines to Korčula and Lastovo). For more information on these local boat lines please visit the above mentioned Jadrolinija website.

Just near the port you can catch the local bus number 8 for Gruž/Ploče, number 1 or 6 for Old Town and number 7 for Lapad/Babin Kuk. For more information about the Dubrovnik districts/localities click here.

Taxi and rent-a-car services are available at the port.