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Puzzle Punks – Dubrovnik Escape Room

Try the No. 1 fun thing to do in Dubrovnik , original escape room experience inspired by local themes that cannot be played anywhere else in the world! Pick your adventure & play a game build with love and passion for puzzles and players!

Our real life immersive adventures:

Engage in the ultimate Game of Thrones activity – a mission to save King’s Landing! Your team, the King’s Guard, is the only one who can find the hidden wildfire and use it against the enemy fleet. This room is icing on the cake for all Game Of Thrones fans. Not a fan? No problem. You need no special knowledge to crack the codes.

Engage yourself in a quest to find the secret treasure of Dubrovnik. This educational and fun experience will take you in a race against the clock through the rich and tumultuous history of the small but skilled Republic.
Find out interesting things from the past while solving the puzzles, put your brain to work and figure out how to get the long lost secret treasure.

What is an escape game/how do you play?
Escape room is a real-life adventure game for all ages! Team up with friends and pit your wits against puzzles to finish your mission & escape the room within a 60 minute time-limit.

Get a briefing on the game, enter the room, listen as the lock fastens and start searching for clues. Physical condition and age do not matter in this game, it is teamwork, creativity & logic that counts. If it gets too hard, ask the game master to help with hints.

Working hours: Monday – Sunday, 10:00 (10AM) – 10:00 (10PM) (games only by appointment)
Phone: +385 (0)97 644 21 45
Address: Josipa Kosora 22 (Lapad area)
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